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Reunion Resort & Club of Orlando Master Association, Inc. Bulletin
Important Notice: Guest access to Reunion Resort Amenities


Dear Reunion Resort Homeowners,

Reunion Resort & Golf Club has recently converted to a new wristband system for official resort guests. Official resort guests are short term rental guests for Reunion properties that are managed by Reunion or an official rental partner and have an underlying Club membership. ONLY Reunion rental guests who book through Reunion directly, or one of our Preferred Partners – Florida Vacation Homes, Jeeves or Magical Vacation Homes – have access to the Club amenities during their stay. Guests of Rentyl (LRR) do have access to the Club amenities for certain units in approved communities. These include the golf courses, Water Park, Tennis and Pickleball Centre, pools at Villas South and North and Centre Court Ridge, the miniature golf course and any future additions to the Club amenities.

Reunion owners without a Club membership or members who are renting their Reunion property on their own, or through any other property management company other than Reunion, Florida Vacation Homes, Jeeves, Magical Vacation Homes, or Rentyl in certain cases, DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO OFFER THEIR RENTAL GUESTS ACCESS TO THE CLUB AMENITIES. These amenities are reserved exclusively for Club members and official resort guests. Rental guests of these owners without a membership or members not with a preferred rental partner MAY NOT use the gate/CDD facilities access card or any membership card to gain access to the Club amenities.

As a reminder, a membership card is not transferable. It may not be used by anyone other than the member to whom it was issued. Photo ID’s must now also be presented when using your membership card, as many of our current membership cards do not have photos on them. The outlets are now requiring these photo ID’s to ensure that no one other than Club members are using membership cards to gain access to the Club amenities. If you are not able to provide a photo ID along with your membership card, you may be denied access.

Furthermore, if anyone other than the member themselves presents a membership card for amenity access, the membership card will be confiscated and the underlying membership is subject to immediate suspension or termination. Property owners without a membership have no access to the Club amenities. In addition, any subsequent purchaser of a property without a Club membership is unable to obtain one.

If you are not eligible to provide Club amenity access to your rental guests, and have advertised Club amenity access for upcoming booked stays in your home, it is strongly suggested that you contact your future guests to inform them that they will have no access to the Club amenities. This will not only prevent your guests from expecting access to the Club amenities, but will also potentially reduce you from encountering unhappy renters and refund requests. Please note that despite any promises made to these guests, they WILL NOT be granted access to the Club amenities.
Thank you for your attention to this important matter and we appreciate your cooperation in securing, safeguarding and protecting the Club amenities for use by Club members and official resort guests only.

Kind regards,
Reunion Resort & Club

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